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lowfire bisque

updated mon 31 mar 97


Linda Arbuckle on fri 7 mar 97

>They are still quite strong however. Redart, the most well known terra cotta
>clay in North America, has a porosity of 9% at cone 04 according to the
>manufacturer. Working in low fire means accepting porous ware, I know of know
>way to make a workable body from Redart that will come anywhere close to
>vitrifying at cone 04?

Tony, I didn't mean to imply that the body was vitrified. Perhaps I should
have qualified "tight at 05". . I've had experience with bodies that are
mature around 05 and do not easily accept a good glaze coat, expecially in
thin-walled areas. It isn't vitrified , but the porosity is quite reduced.

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