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low temperature clear

updated sat 30 nov 96


Robert A. Curfman on tue 12 nov 96


We have always used Soldners old 80/20 formula as a transparent glaze,
which he has freely offered to ceramists publically via workshops and

We have also used this glaze a Soldners Anderson Ranch Workshop over salt
fume fired pieces.

I don't know if this glaze will fit your clay body well, but it has proved
to work well as a very clear oxidation glaze and a White Crackle Glaze in
Raku (over a white clay body). It fires clear with good gloss at 04. This
glaze fires very similar (almost identical) to Amaco's Transparent.

Our shop body is 3 parts Cedar Heights (or foundry hill creme) 1 part fire
and 1 part ball (with 5 to 8 percent grog for Raku, pit, and saltfume
processes that are more stressful on the body).

I know this is an old formula that everone has used, but if it works, why
not keep using it?