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lo-fire tile on the floor

updated sat 31 aug 96


Vince Pitelka on tue 20 aug 96

All of those great Spanish and Mexican folk tiles, and all Islamic tiles are
low-fire. They seem to hold up pretty well - in some cases for over 1000 years.

- Vince

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Marcia Selsor on fri 23 aug 96

I know Islamic tiles from Spain to central asia and yes they are low fire.
Although, the overglae color does wear out as Paul said. In Spain often
unglazed large tiles are interspaced with small decorated tiles. However,
the clay throughout the tiles or inlaid also lasts a while. Good example
in the Chapter house at Westminster abbey. Great tile floor showing a bit
of wear. But if your tiles lasted 750 years in use, they would probably
outlast the building. I find it ironic to tile unpermanment structures.
-Marcia Selsor
Montana State University