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licenses and other inanities of commerce

updated wed 30 apr 97


Jeff Lawrence on sun 20 apr 97

> Jeanne Ormsby wrote:
> If it is confusing to you, consult a local CPA (plug, plug).

Sorry Jeanne, but I disagree.

For people with more money than time, or complicated finances accountants
are the proper route. Fine points are what they excel at. I hope to need one

As a point of pride, I reject the notion that living one's life competently
should require outside paid advice. If I am going to be a maker and seller
of goods, I feel an obligation to know the ins and outs of the activity.

Running a business is vanilla finance, though, and there are many
organizations (SBA, local community colleges, etc.) that will help you learn
it. Make a checklist of all your deadlines, track everything in your
computer, and look forward to the day when you need an accountant.

"Just say no to secular hierophants!"

Jeff Lawrence
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