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updated tue 30 apr 96


"Ronald Galyen - Teacher - Mt. Carmel Elem RGALYEN" on thu 11 apr 96

An Icelandic potter's son, who currently is an exchange student in the
U.S. is wondering if anybody would have an expired license plate from
their state. He is very fond of the fact that all states have different
plates and would very much like one from as many states as posible.

If you can help out, please send the plate to:
Bjorgvin Helgason
8193 Oxford Pike
Brookville, IN 47012

Many thanks in advance, sincerely,
Ron Galyen
Galyen Pottery

P.S. The Post Office said that a plate would be under $3.00 to mail.

And if you are ever in Gothenburg, Sweden, look up Helgi, the Icelandic
potter and say "Hi!".

= Ronald W.Galyen =
= =
= Brookville, Indiana, U.S.A. =