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liability issues

updated tue 30 sep 97


Charlie Williams on thu 4 sep 97

I belong to pottery cooperative of 30 members. We also teach adult and
childrens classes. The members do all the firing unless there is a
student who is curious to learn. We have a Skutt and an older electric
kiln, which limps up to bisque temp. We are in the process of
refurbishing an older Alpine given us by the Art Dept. at Michigan State
University. We are doing our own repairs and building on our kilns.

Now that you have some background, my concern is liabilty regarding
injuries and damage and insurance. We are renting the building we use
for teaching and firing. Anyone out there belong to co-ops? If so how
are these issues handled. In addition, how are other co-ops organized?
We have an elected board and several committees and members rotate
teaching 10 week terms. We're beginning to experience some conflicts
over liability issues as well as keeping up with the work, not to
mention trying to do our own throwing.

Any suggested would be appreciated and can be sent to me directly at: