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leaky teapot

updated mon 30 sep 96


Laura Freedman on fri 6 sep 96

A few months ago I had asked for info on a leaky teapot. I did try all
of your suggestions, but they did not help. The little teapot was cute
so I saved it and put it on my window ledge in the kitchen, but never to
use. Now I had looked at this pot very carefully but perhaps not in the
right light or without my glasses. I was telling my friend about the
teapot and she scrutinized it for a while and found a pinhole in the
bottom. It must have come from my needle when I checked the bottom
before I trimmed. It is really tiny, tiny and is difficult to see, but
there none the less. Now the question is, what can I put in or on this
pot to seal that up, spooze? Or is it to be relegated to the shelf or
window ledge for life? , rainy PA