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updated fri 28 feb 97


Paul Monaghan on thu 20 feb 97


Interesting Jeni, and what you say has a lot of merit; as do arguments
on the other side of the fence. Yes we need lawyers and they - at least
the good, honest and ethical ones, are necessary. However, they do have
a tendency to create a very litigious society. After all the purpose of
lawyers is to sue just like the purpose of the military is to kill. Now
we can cloak these horrible realizatons in all sorts of platitudes and
metaphors but we still have the underlying purpose. Lawyers do have a
tendency to sue everybody" and let it fall out in court. That may be
all well and good but to defend, even if innocent, costs a fortune!!!

Another interesting fact that you stated - lawyers aren't to blame just
like doctors aren't to blame for disease. Well yes and No. Ever hear
of iatrogenic diseases?? It's also a fact that in every major western
country the death rate has plummeted whenever the doctors went on
strike. I know this isn't the whole story but it gives one something to
consider. If we didn't have quite so many lawyers there would be less
pressure in society to sue first and ask later. There might be more
pressure to facilitate disagreements in a fair and equitable manner.

I am sure you will have a response so I will watch the email.


Paul :-)
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