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las clayvegas? -reply (+me too!)

updated mon 30 sep 96


Jeannine Broadwell on fri 6 sep 96

I'll be going to las vegas in november for the N-WAVE linguistics
conference--so i'd love to have area clay and non-schlock info sent to
me as well :) :)

jeannine broadwell
st. mary's college of maryland


Happy to oblige.
So far I've received about a dozen suggestions to visit Tom & Elaine Coleman,
so if numbers are any indication, it'd be well worth it.
I've known Tom for years, and suggest it myself. There's also the new issue
of _The Studio Potter_ containing profiles of many of Nevada's potters, if you
venture out of town.
Jack Troy on sat 7 sep 96

Las Vegas is home to two of my favorite potters: Tom Coleman and Mark
Burns. Tom has a studio off of Greyhound near the MarJon ceramic supply
(hard to find). Mark Burns teaches at UNLV. If you want to see one of the
cleanest pottery classrooms around, and some of the most interesting student
work, this is the place.
Enjoy yourself in Vegas
Judy (
P.S. Clayart folks, please respond to the whole group on these travel
questions. I love knowing where other potters live and where I can see (and
buy) their works.