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large crackle raku recipe (was-re: raku crackle control)

updated thu 31 oct 96


Michelle H. Lowe on mon 28 oct 96

I wrote:
> A friend has a recipe called "Large Crackle" and she
>remembers it has spodumene in it, but it's packed away for who knows how
>long (she just moved).

Hey, she dug it out for me and said to go ahead and share it with you all.
She also suggested not putting the pot into the redux chamber right away so
the pot has time to crackle.

Here's the recipe:

Large Crackle

G.B. 60
Spod 35
Ball clay Kent. 5

a bit higher temp than most raku
medium application
doesn't run
don't apply to heavily (ugly surface)

have fun,

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