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laguna ^5 b-mix problems

updated mon 31 mar 97


Robert Speirs, M.D. 766 X4450 on thu 6 mar 97

OK, I've had it!!! I just opened my kiln to find cracks in 3 pieces and
glaze pulled away from the clay on 2 pieces. Somebody, please shoot me!

I've been using this clay since last July (I previously used the ^l0
clay w/o problems) and have had continual problem with handles cracking
at the upper join despite doing all the "right things." I've done
better by drying pieces w/handle upside down, but other random cracks
have shown up that just mystify me. Problem is, the cracks almost never
show up until the glaze firing and they don't go all the way through.

Does anyone use this clay that can help? I really like the way it
throws and want to keep using it, plus I have several hundred pounds of
it in the studio to use up so I'm not considering changing clays at this

Thanks for helping as suicide is imminent (today anyway!).

Laura in Oregon

Dinah Collopy on fri 7 mar 97

Laura, I use Laguna's ^5 B-mix and one thing I found is that it seems to need
slower drying time than some other claybodies I've used.. I just finished a
set of dinnerware, 40 + pcs, and only lost one piece.
I double wrapped the cup handles with plastic as well as wrapping each piece
individually. I let them dry VERY slowly.
You're in Oregon and I'm in Arizona so obviously our drying times are going
to be different but try slowing down what you're doing now and see if that
I like the way it throws too.