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kilns in strange places

updated tue 30 apr 96


ret on thu 4 apr 96

All this talk about kilns in apartments reminds me of one of the strangest
places I have found a kiln: on top of a roof in down-town Pireaus (just
outside Athens). One of the best-known Greek raku potters, Roulis
Papadopoulos, has his studio in an apartment above some store in the
old industrial area of Pireaus near the port. The whole studio is full of
quite antiquated heavy things such as pugmills, ball mills, moisture
expressing machine, etc.
I wondered how he was firing when his assistant made me climb out a
window, up the outside wall on a steep ladder and onto the roof. There was
a raku kiln fired with a 100lb propane tank and sawdust reduction
containers! I felt pretty sorry for the assistant who had to get the
propane tank onto the roof! She was a young Swedish woman.
Could that kiln explain the yellow smog hanging over Athens?

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