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kiln shelves/a recommendation

updated mon 30 sep 96


Rick Sherman on tue 3 sep 96

The Crystar is a great shelf, but expensive! In 1991 I worked with
Dona Turbes of Fire Brick Supply, St. Paul, MN on a group buy of 200
which gave us a reduced price. The manufacturere, Norton, was bought
by a French company and the price went out of sight. Norton now makes
a shelf call Advancer for less cost. It is just a few ounces heavier
than Crystar, has 27% Silicon Carb as opposed to 29% and has a firing
limit of 2600F rather than 2800F. Dona says they don't warp. If
Advancer fits your needs, you can contact Dona at 1-800-444-3301.
Rick Sherman, California Crafts Network