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kiln shelf source, please

updated tue 31 dec 96


Stuart Altmann on thu 12 dec 96

Jeniffer Owen, chair of the ceramics department at Hui No'eau Visual Arts
Center, here on the island of Maui (where I am staying for two months) has
asked that I pass on this request to the CLAYART gang. The ddepartment
wishes to purchase 42 kiln shelves, dry-pressed high-aluminum, made in
England (brand unknown). They are available from Bailey's in New York at
$26.25, but sea shipment from there would greatly increase the price. So,
the question: does anyone know of a West Coast source of these kiln
shelves? Preferably in or near a shipping port, like Seattle or San
Francisco, where they can be shipped via Honolulu Freight.

If you know where they can be obtained, please contact me directly at the
email address below. I am currently off CLAYART, and so won't see a reply
there. Thanks in advance!

Stuart Altmann