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kiln shelf inquiry

updated fri 28 feb 97


marilyn fenton on wed 19 feb 97

I want to buy kiln shelves that measure 20in x 20in.
It takes me 14 to 16 hours to ^10 reduction.
Twice that long to cool. I'm pretty easy on furniture.
I have been shopping around, and have almost decided that
for my needs I'll try the "Fast Fire Series" of shelves
offered by Bailey. Apparently manufactured in England,
high alumina, rated to ^11. The 20x20s are 7/8 inch thick,
inexpensive. Do you think these work for me? I'll have to
put posts at the 4 corners in order to accomodate the size of
the pieces I want to fire. I expect some warping. My only
concern would be cracking at the corners.
Anybody use this brand? Endorsments, warnings, suggestions
or information in general would be appreciated.