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kiln safety

updated tue 30 apr 96


Ann Neville on mon 8 apr 96

I'm getting back into clay after a seven-year absence. (at last!) I have
a skutt 10 cu ft electric that has been unused all this time. I've tested
the heating elements (they work) and had the electrical circuit and wiring
checked. What else should I worry about? Would the floor of the kiln get
fragile? the shelves? I expect to bisque to ^05 the first firing.
Thanks for any advice you can give.

Ann Neville
Where there's a drought and a burn ban, and no rain in sight

Jeremy/Bonnie Hellman on tue 9 apr 96


I had a 3(approx) cu ft Skutt electric cone 6 that I bought used in 1981
which sat in my basement from 1983 until 1995 when I fired it up. I just
plugged it in and slowly heated it and it has worked fine. I did test the
coils by placing paper matches throughout the coils (paper end in the coil
being careful not to bend or mis shape the coil) and turned it on low. When
the coils heated up and the matches burst into flame for a short time I
could see that all coils were working well. I hope you have the same

Bonnie, in Pittsburgh where tax season is almost over and where spring may
eventually arrive