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kiln pad... for a gas kiln

updated thu 31 jul 97


Talbott on thu 17 jul 97

Summer is the time to do it.. If you are going to take the plunge this
year... so here it is..

On the pad...Dig out the loamy soil (12" down or so) and put in crushed
gravel till the pad base is at least 8 to 12" above grade...Make FORMS of
course before pouring. Use a motorized tamper on that gravel before
pouring the concret... a deeper perimeter/footing at least 18-24" down
below grade as a footing and overall a 6-8" thick layer of concrete in the
face of the pad... use rebar in the footing and reinforcing wire in the
face... use a good 3000 pound mix.... do it right so your pad does not
SHIFT and screw up your kiln....

That is a serious 16' wide by 20' long and make DARN sure that you build a


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