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kiln firing/no cone movement

updated sat 31 may 97


Michael Hart on fri 16 may 97

Hello All,

I fire to cone 6 oxidation in an electric kiln with an envirovent. Last
night I loaded the kiln and turned it on low around 7:30. At 10:00 I
turned it to medium and let it fire all night. This is the first time I
have done this I usually do a one day glaze firing starting early in the
morning. Anyway, at 7:00am I checked the kiln, a light pink and turned
the kiln up to 8. An hour later I turned it to Hi. I expected to reach
^6 at around 12:00 or 1:00.
At 7:30 this evening I turned the kiln off. There was absolutely no
cone movement all day. I had two cone packs in the kiln, bottom and
top.. 5,6,&7. What could cause this? I have never had this happen
before. Usually my firings take about 14 hours.

I checked the elements before I fired. They were fine. This is a 3
collared kiln but I only had two collars. I could see the elements in
the kiln and they were all orange. (thinking maybe something happened
during the firing.)

The only thing I could think of is that the kiln was not totally packed,
there were some uneven size pieces on the top shelf with air. The other
two layers were full and uniform. However, the kiln was on Hi for
almost 12 hours.....
Any suggestions, comments would really be appreciated.