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kiln conference info

updated mon 30 jun 97


Jeff Lawrence on sun 1 jun 97

Crow Canyon Archaeological Center,
the Museum of New Mexico and
he Pojoaque Indain Pueblo Vocational Education Program

1997 Kiln Conference
June 12-15, 1997

"Pottery is an enduring element of both modern and ancient native cultures
of the SW. Crow Canyon Arch. Cetr and Museum of NM are pleased to announce
the seventh annual Kiln Conference for archeologists, Native American potters,
ceramic artists ethnobotanists, and other interested persons.

Since 1991, annual conferences have been held to conduct experiments and share
information on ancient pottery firing techniques. The first six conferences,
held at Crow Canyon Archeological Center in Cortez CO were designed around the
trench kilns that were used in the production of organic-painted black on white
pottery in the Mesa Verde region. These conferences were the catalyst for
tremendous progress in understanding the production and firing of Mesa Verde
Anasazi white ware pottery."

"...requesting your participation: informal presentations on current
excavations, survey information and experimental firing techniques based on
archaeological evidence are welcome. If you have a firing technique you would
like to demonstrate, please submit a proposal on the enclosed form by June 2,

"The use of native clays and pigments is mandatory, no commercial clays,
pigments or wheel thrown pots please. All vessels must be associated with a
completed Pottery Experiment Form... Test tiles should b 10cm X 6 cm X .5 cm
and accompanied by the form."

.... $25.00 reg. fee ... held at Pojoaque Cultural Center ... reg info to

Kiln Conference
Attn: Steve Lakatos
P.O. Box 2087
Santa Fe NM 87504
Jeff Lawrence
Sun Dagger Design
ph/fax 505-753-5913