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kiln cleaning/toni

updated fri 28 feb 97


mel jacobson on wed 26 feb 97

another thought is that often you will find moths that love
to build their whatevers in small holes around gas. i have
on several occassions not been able to get enough gas
pressure and discovered one of those buggers in my
orifice..(burners, come on.) i just run a small sharp wire
through the orifice a couple times a year... of course if
you desire, get a drill with the same number as your burner
orifice and run that through....i also like some of the new small
copper wire brushes that are used for furniture repair and re-
finishing.... great for cleaning burners...i take mine completely
apart about once every four years...brush and buff...and of
course replace the high pressure rubber hoses that i use.

one cannot be too fussy with burners...check the baso valves
for shut off quality...time them... and keep things clean... i always
turn my pilots off first once in a while and listen for the baso closing
shut tight....when firing with propane i always shut off at the tank first
and make sure the lines are empty. good safety tip.

on one other note...TONI MARTEN... if any of you want to post her
and wish her good luck and God speed...just post her at:
also would like to thank several people who have helped in the process of
getting toni to america.. lori leary has been the push to
make it happen, i have shoved, and tom buck has offered to
help her redo all of her glazes using local materials, and then to
dannon rhudy for her wonderful support and care of toni with
encouraging posts and help... this has been a team effort..and
a real tribute to the great things that can happen on this claynet.
it helps us understand that this is a great world we live in.
mel jacobson. minnesota.....and the world of potters.
and i love gas, electric, dung, wood, and other kilns...but i like
pots that come from them best. and i always say,"don't judge the kilns,
judge the pots". ( i just made that up)