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kiln buying, stains and tube doo-hickeys

updated tue 30 apr 96


FMIRANDA@alpha.CC.OBERLIN.EDU on mon 8 apr 96

Thanks to all of you who helped me out with finding my "mouth diffuser" and
esp. Bruce !
I've been asked to help a student group with a workshop on painting with
stains over glaze. Normally I do this on earthenware, they want to do it
over their white glaze on cone 6. Can this be done with stains (oxides)
only, or should I mix oxides with Gerstely B. in a 50 -50 ratio? Last time
we tried this, we mixed mason stains with frit (3124) but of course it
didn't work at those higher temperatures. The students want to use oxides
because they have them on hand, and can't afford the more expensive mason
stains . any suggestions gratefully taken...
Now, more advice needed, please! I tried valiantly to search the archives
on this, what can I say, I'm simply cbyer challenged...I'm buying a Kiln at
long last - looks like it's going to be Skutt 1027-3 . I want the 3" walls,
but one dealer says it makes it hard to get the shelves into that kiln,
since the fatter walls take more interior space. I didn't really want the
electronic controller, only a simpler automatic timing device like the
Cress had, but cannot get a Cress now. The Olympic equivalent to Skutt
comes without guarantee on labor. How important is this guarantee? How much
better is the Skutt? Is it really important to have 3" walls? (i've already
got the shelves)...If it comes from Bennets in fla (really good prices), is
it really feasible to dismantle it in order to get it off the truck? How
often does this electronic controller thing break?
I know you've been thru this before, but I haven't ! - so if you want,
e-mail me privately with any advice andI'll be forever grateful.
tia, sharon
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