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kiln books listing

updated mon 30 jun 97


William Brouillard on mon 9 jun 97

For those who are working on kilns and need additional information,
the following books should cover almost any type of construction.

The Energy Efficent Potter

Regis C. Brodie

Paperback 1982

Watson-Guptill Publications

1515 Broadway NY NY 10036

Burners, fuels, fiber kilns, and burner setup

The kiln book / Frederick L. Olsen.

AUTHOR Olsen, Frederick L.

EDITION 2d ed.

PUBLISHER Bassett, Calif. : Keramos Books, c1973.

DESCRIPTION x, 170 p. : ill. ; 22 x 26 cm.

NOTE Includes index.


Kilns by Daniel Rhodes


Electric Kiln Ceramics

A Potters Guide to Clay and Glazes

Richard Zakin, Chilton Book Company

Electric kiln maintenance, clay body classification and formulation, glaze typ

theory, fired glaze properties, glaze color theory and materials, use of stains

and engobes, glaze application techniques.

The North American Combustion Handbook

Noth American Manufactoring Company

Cleveland, OH 44105


Basic reference onthe art and science of Industrial heating with gaseous and

liquid fuels. Best tech book on burners fuels and combustion info and charts.

Electric Kiln Pottery, Complete Guide

Emmanuel Cooper

Publishers: B.T. Batsford Ltd., London

Overview of electric kiln construction, packing and firing, clay body types and

formulation, glaze chemistry theory, glaze colors, formulating and correcting

glazes, decoration techniques, raw glazes, glaze and slip recipes, formulas for

wide variety of wood and coal ashes, health & safety info.

Electric Kiln Construction for Potters

Robert Fournier

Van Nortrand Reinhold Co

450 W.33 ST NY, NY 10001

ISBN 0 442 30134 0

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