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jepson video

updated sat 31 aug 96


Don Jones on fri 2 aug 96

Thanks to T.J, Vince, Carole, and Pelly,

I'm going to order the Jepson video on throwing large pieces of clay. My
goal is an 18" sphere. I can't see managing two 18" hemispheres and
piecing them together in leather hard state. (Especially with bifocals).
Off the wheel, I'd like to make a 20" sphere. Coiling seems to be the only
I'll let you know if it works.

Don Jones

Barbara Webb on sat 3 aug 96

I ordered the Jepson video for throwing large pieces about a month ago.
It was not at all what I expected. I like watching it, but I think my
goal, and yours, were not what he teaches. He shows throwing two forms
and attaching them. And he teaches throwing and adding a coil then
throwing it. I was looking for tips on how to throw and center larger
amounts of clay. I only weigh 100lbs. and I can't "force clay to do
anything. I look for ways to "finesse" it into doing what I want. The
only other minor complaint I have is, if I have to stand on a chair to
throw it, where will I fire it? Well, maybe someday. It is a good tape
Barbara Webb
Marietta, GA

Charles Williams on mon 5 aug 96


I have seen reference to using a centering stick to center large masses of
clay. This stick is apparantly a lever made of 2" x 4" wood and hinged so it
can be moved to the clay and then out of the way. I am sorry, but I do not
have the plans for such a device. You may try ceramics suppliers on the
chance one of them will either have such or can refer you to a source for

Go To Pot ! with a smile on your face :-)