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updated fri 24 oct 97


Jonathan Kaplan on thu 16 oct 97

My experience is that I'll share what I see fit if at some point, something
is returned to me be it a thank you, a cup of coffee, a formula. Somethings
I don't share, but my clay and glaze books are pretty open. I don't expect
a cash compensation unless I am working with a client to develop a fomula.
Decide what is best and comfortable for you, and either do it or don't.

The issue of potters and money is one that seems to be always around. "Can
I get it cheap, can I make it myself, why is this so expensive?" Sometimes
the whinning is too much for me and I use the delete key alot.

Can you get it cheap? Sure, but you will probably do it over and over again
because you didn't do it right the first time.

Can you make it yourself? Sure, it may work and it may not. Somethings I'll
leave this to the experts in the field, like ITC, because I have better
things to do then to try and figure out how they do their work. I'm too
busy dealing with my work.

Why is stuff so expensive? Because.

Somethings I make myself and probably make it equal to or better. I build
my own ware carts and they stand up to more abuse then I can think of.
Tables, rolling carts, etc. some machinery, lots of tools, because no one
else does. And to do it right is expensive, even building them yourself.
But I don't deal with other's overhead and insurance costs that are
ultimately reflected in the purchased product.

Regarding ITC. These people do a great job. The product is great. My
samples just arrived and I'll probably buy some for coating my fiber kiln.
It's not expensive when you consider the upside of its benefits. Seems that
small minds whine about stuff and money. I'd rather analyze and research
the situation or the product and see if the benefits work for me. Then make
an informed and well thought out purchase. Or not.

Here's an example. I buy a cold molded polyurethane rubber product for my
case molds. A kit from Permaflex costs about $400.00 with shipping (part A
40 pounds and part B 40 pounds) Very expensive stuff. I use alot of it. But
it allows me to make flexible one part case molds with integral side rails
that saves alot of time on set up, demolding, etc. etc. My time is
valuable. The cost is offset by the time saved for each client. I buy two
of these kits at a time. Catch my breath each time the bills come in, but
smile to myself that I make perfect case molds each time and save money in
the big picture.


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