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introducing georgie's ceramic & clay co.

updated wed 31 jul 96


Alan Wainright on sun 7 jul 96

Greetings, all!

Allow me to introduce myself and the company I work for. I am
Alan Wainright, computer programmer and general techno-geek for
Georgie's Ceramic & Clay Co. Georgie's is a 30-year-old business
located in Portland, Oregon. We manufacture clays & glazes,
distribute a wide variety of products and equipment, and are open
to the retail public. Our primary service area is the Pacific
Northwest, from San Francisco to British Columbia & from Montana
to the beach (plus Utah & Nevada).

Please don't flame me yet!

We are brand-new to the Internet, & having a great time so far.
We're thrilled to find so many newsgroups dedicated to crafts of
various kinds, and especially pottery. We've subscribed to
several of them. Our purpose in subscribing to these groups is
not -- repeat, NOT -- to advertise our products here. Even as
neophytes, we've learned that commercial advertising in the
newsgroups is a serious violation of Netiquette. We're currently
considering our options for developing a Web site to build a
commercial presence on the Net.

So what are we doing here? Fair question!

Simply put, we'd like to offer our staff, and the info they have
or can get, as a resource for technical support. We have experts
on staff in clay formulation, glaze calculation, firing,
wheelthrowing, sculpture, etc -- virtually anything in pottery or
ceramics. If you have questions or problems, we hope you'll
consider sending them to us (or we'll pick them out of the ng):
we'll do our best to get an answer and e-mail you promptly. If,
from time to time, we do refer to our own products, I hope you'll
forgive this as a natural egocentricity rising from familiarity,
not necessarily a product plug.

We hope to have the opportunity to talk to many of you. I,
personally, look forward to it! Feedback is important to us: your
response to this opening posting will help us determine which way
to go in the future.

Thanks for your time!

(You may now turn on the flame, if you wish.)

Tony Hansen on wed 10 jul 96

Yes, you did go to far and I would like to direct a flame or two your
way. I work for a company that has supplied the pottery community for 30
years also. However, I think the collective knowledge of this list is
far superior to anything we or you can offer. Your messages are signed
so we know where to come if we need you.
Tony Hansen, IMC, 134 UPLAND DRIVE, Medicine Hat, Alberta
T1A 3N7 Canada Phone:403-527-2826 FAX:527-7441 BBS:527-6074
email: web: