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international call for slides for book

updated mon 30 jun 97


Coakes, Michelle on thu 19 jun 97

Hello everyone.

I am currently writing a book to be titled, "Creative Pottery: A
Step-by-Step Guide and Showcase" for Rockport (who just put out the book,
"The Best of Pottery".)
The book will include the work of such notables as Michael Simon, Linda
Arbuckle, Chris Staley, Steven Hill, Pete Pinnell, etc, etc,

The bulk of the book is assembled but I am still in need of more images of
functional/quasi-functional work to include in the "Gallery" sections of the

There are three such Gallery sections. One follows each segment of the
book: Forming, Surface Decoration, Firing. I am looking for work from
around the world that could be used to illustrate some of the best examples
of approaches to these stages of potterymaking.

If any of you are interested in being considered for this book, please write
to me directly (I have signed off Clayart for the summer....)
Send to: Michelle Coakes
610 N. Ninth St.
DeKalb, IL 60115
(815) 758-5959

If you wish to send slides to me directly, I will need the following

Artist's name, address, phone, e-mail, fax, etc. Plus as much info.
about the work pictured as possible. Size, media, techniques, date, etc,
etc,..... Plus the photographer's name!!!! For photo credits. Lastly,
I would need a note saying you give permission for it to be published and do
not expect reimbursement.......

One last thing -- and this is a biggie -- I will NOT be able to return the
slides to you unless you include adequate return postage.

Again, I am particularly in need of international work (from outside the
U.S., I mean...)