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updated thu 31 oct 96


Pat Chesney on mon 21 oct 96

Hi to all the injured out there. I have suffrered from arthritis for many
years with an injury to my spine flaring up to be very painfull for the
last 3 years. I am not prescribing any medical treatment, but I have had
incredible lessening of pain from taking colloidal minerals and Knox
gelatin powder in orange juice every day.

I take one ounce of minerals, one powerful multi-vitamin, and 2 packages of
gelatin in 8 oz. of orange juice. It has made me feel so much better and
there are a lot of side benefits-losing weight for one, and hair growth for

I heard about this on a tape by Dr. Joel Wallach called, "Dead Doctors
Don't Lie". Do an internet search on him or colloidal minerals to find out
about it. It has helped me have relief from pain and also from a wrist
injury as well as the back thing. I have really been grateful for this
while building the 2 kilns we are building. Speaking of which:

40 cu. ft. propane-fired, salt kiln--fired to bisque temp. 3 times to
adjust bagwall--pots are loaded for a real thing tomorrow.

137.5 cu. ft. wood-fired, car kiln--finished tonight--ready to start the
slow drying fires.

Both of these in 8 weeks--while having a "real job" too. whew! Thanks to
all who have given advice and counsel as well as those who have sold me
materials. You have helped us build two very nice kilns. Thank you!

PS: I am not interested in providing any minerals-there are plenty of
suppliers out there.

Pat Chesney
Waco, Texas