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infusion workshop

updated fri 31 jan 97


Joan Lovell on wed 1 jan 97

Would someone explain what "infusion" is in clay-speak? I've looked it up in
a couple of books to see if this is a workshop I'd like to attend, but can't
find a description.

(I did think I'd share the definition of "infusionism" I found in my Random
House Dictionary... "the doctrine that the soul existed in a previous state
and is infused into the body at conception or birth.") Now, that would be $40
well spent!

Happy New Year, Joan Lovell. Snow at last in Rhode Island.

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Infusion Clay Workshop
University of North Alabama
January 17-18, 1997
Guest Artist - Lana Wilson

for more info, point your browser to
[I know it's too long] :-)