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i'm no artist...

updated thu 31 oct 96


Patrick & Lynn Hilferty on sat 5 oct 96

>I always thought I was a potter. I mean I started out in 69 digging my own
>clay and making my own wheel out of two by fours and a refrigerator motor.
>Even fired it up at the local Community College. Sold most of it too. But
>I'm no potter. I realize that now thanks to you. Even when I went to
>university I thought I was a potter. I spent countless hours at the wheel
>and the table throwin slabs and rolling out casseroles, thinking all the
>while, I was a potter. Even after my formal education I thought I was a
>potter. But now? You've made me realize I'm not like you. I'm no potter.
>I'm not one of you. You can imagine my confusion. After all these years and
>it turns out I was the one who was confused. I worked hard to redefine my
>self in light of this revelation and it didn't take more than a moment to
>decide what was really true. The final blow came when I realized that I'm
>no artist either. What am I gonna tell my wife and kids? Maybe I can get a
>job at the Texaco station or the Quickie-Mart down the street....
>dan re-defining himself as post modern mayonaise. Maybe I'll see
>one of your pictures in a book. Bye


Give in to this moment of weakness: Come over to the dark side and get an
MFA. The gas station job will still be waiting for you when you finish...

Patrick Hilferty

Patrick Hilferty
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