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hopper workshop

updated sat 31 may 97


Shirl LeVesconte on wed 28 may 97

Hi Kurt (Schalzi??) Just catching up on a month's worth of Clayart and
found your note about the Hopper Workshop. I am very interested in this
workshop and there may well be others in our class.

I tried to register by phone this morning (long distance, dayrates -- oh
well) got put on hold, and (after 15 minutes)( :-{ ) gave up.
Could you possibly send or have someone send information about the
workshop, housing possibilities, and some way to register that doesn't
send the phone call charge into double digits. I be very grateful.
Thanks in advance. shirl

P.S. Tried to send this message to you privately (Email to but it was returned.

S-mail: Shirl LeVesconte, 602 Robinwood
Yellow Springs, OH 45387
Phone: 937-767-3549