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hitler lesson

updated mon 30 jun 97


Kat Berger on fri 20 jun 97


First of all the federal government doesn't choose good or bad art. The NEA
and the panels that give the grants are all artists. The head of the NEA at
this point in time was an actress on Broadway, not a politician.
Secondly, I never stated that Hitler didn't support the arts. I stated that
he didn't support ALL the arts. Hitler, in fact, was a strong supporter of
the arts. In his younger years he applied to two very good art universities
in Germany, but alas did not get in. In 1937 Nazi Germany put on a
exhibition called Entarete Kunst (Degenerate Art). It brought together over
six hundred works of art taken from German public museum collections. In the
show many of the works were defamed to show the German public what was bad
art. Most of the artists weren't Jewish.
At the same time that this exhibition took place across the street a new
building in full Nazi style opened and an exhibition of excepted and praised
art was shown.

Obviously, Hitler and Nazi Germany understood the importance of art directing
the conciousness of it's people.
Don't you think that Congress in the good old USA understands that as well.
Maybe since they are not allowed to give out the grants they would like the
program abolished so they can continue to control the minds of their people.

I was unable to see Maplethorpe when I lived in Wichita Kansas. I knew many
people there who would have paid to see his work if the work had come to our