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historical info on saucers & teacup handles

updated mon 30 sep 96 on mon 23 sep 96

Received some reference info from Michelle Campbell today on teacup handles
and am still looking for more data, but would like information also on
the origins of saucers used with the tea services that were incorporated
in the Dutch capital around the 1600's which was eventually imported to
England with Charles II when he re-established the monarchy.

I am researching the original tea ware used and know that most was imported
out of the orient (China in particular) but I have not found any reference to
cup handles or saucers used in the tea services.

I can extrapolate with the little data I do have, but would be most grateful
for more information if it is available. Any book names, authors or periodical
articles, and reference materials which would have any mention of these items
would be appreciated.

If anyone has any information I can use, I would appreciate an e-mail with
authors and/or titles of books or articles that would assist me in my

I am doing a 30 minute presentation in November and am pulling together my
data now. My e-mail address is:

Thanks. Marci Palmer