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hi alun=mina kiln shelf source on west caost of us

updated tue 31 dec 96


Richard mahaffey on fri 13 dec 96

Stuart Altman,

Try the Clay Art Center, Tacoma, WA.

(206) 922-5342

Kim Lyle and Joe Brecha are the owners and they are both active potters.

They do have na 800 number but I don't know it. They try to be helpful
and understand what a potter goes thru, unlike some suppliers around the
Washington and Oregon area.

IO have no connection with The Clay Art Center and do not get money from
them, on the contrary I give them money for my kiln shelves (high Alumina
for England and clay and other supplies.) I am not connected with them in
any way.

Tim Lynch on sat 14 dec 96

Clay Art Center, Tacoma, WA 1-800-952-8030

Tim Lynch
The Clay Man
748 Highline Drive
East Wenatchee, WA 98802-5606


telephone: 509-884-8303