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handpainted v.s. handmade

updated sun 31 mar 96 on fri 29 mar 96

I've decided to make up a three-fold brochure to have available to my
customers at craft shows. In it I'll decribe, generally, the making of a
HANDMADE pot from the "raw clay" to the finished, fired product. At the end
I'm sneaking in a little blurb about how to tell a handmade pot. Some of my
suggestions to them are to look for slight irregularities in size and shape
between similar pots. I explain how to check for finger ridges. A pot that
is stamped with the potters seal (impressed into the clay) or incised with
his/her mark had to have been made from scratch, but I also explain that some
potters sign with a brush and coloring oxides.

Any other suggestions to ad to my subltle attempt to educate the public
without offending too many people?