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hamer's dictionary-interesting definitions

updated tue 30 sep 97


Brad Sondahl on sun 21 sep 97

Hamer's Dictionary of Materials and Techniques roughly defines wedging
as the cutting and throwing of chunks of clay to compress it, and
reserves kneading to be the hand mixture by turning and folding. I
always thought the whole process was wedging, whether kneading or
cutting and throwing. Is this an American interpretation, or just
typical ignorance?
Another definition I like: Whirler- a pot which is highcentered so as to
spin easily when sitting.
Also, under Flint, it says that flint is always kept wet--5-10% to
prevent its dispersal as dust due to silicosis hazard. That may be true
in Britain, but any flint I've ever bought in the 50 lb. bag has always
seemed dry to me...
General critique of this new edition: Still seems heavily reliant on
lead in its recipes, considering a lot of US suppliers won't even carry
it "due to insurance reasons." Interesting history bits--lots of terms
never mentioned (no mention of scoring to reallign particles when
attaching anything). The colour plates would have been better reserved
for illustrating the many classic glazes (Jun, temmoku, celadon, etc.)
Still well worth buying--has pointed me in several new directions.
Brad Sondahl
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