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hamada reply from yellin

updated thu 31 jul 97


Robert Yellin on sun 27 jul 97

Chris Stanley wrote:
> Here are my questions:
> 1. Where do you get those groovey Hamada glasses?
> 2. Does anyone have a recipe for the rice dish they serve at the end of the
> firing?
> 3. If anyone has seen one of those hugh bowls that Shoji was glazing,
> please send an estimate of how
> large they actually were.

Hello from Japan-
Maybe I can help with your questions.
1. Those groovy spectacles that Hamada wore were probably late Meiji period(turn
of the century) and can be found at antique markets. I found a real cool pair of
wire glasses and changed the lenses to sunglasses. I might be able to find you a
pair of thick Hamada glasses or wire-framed ones.
2. Could you tell me a little more about the rice dish- do you see other
ingredients in it? I might be able to help then.
3. According to a Mingei book I have one of Hamada's large bowls made in 1963 is
58cms in diameter.
I hope that's helpful.
Any info needed from Japan, please let me know.
From the hills of Mt. Fuji-
Robert Yellin