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great vinyl glove price!

updated wed 29 oct 97


Susan Wagener on tue 28 oct 97

Since a number of you were kind enough to pass on ideas of where to obtain
throw away gloves I wanted to pass this info on. Someone suggested I try a
local beauty supply shop. We happen to have a Sallys Beauty Supply shop
here and I was able to buy a box (well actually I bought 4 boxes) of vinyl
throw away gloves for $4.99 per box. They come in different sizes there
and I didn't have to pay shipping! The regular price is $8.99 per box but
the girl asked if I had a Sally's card and I told her that I made pottery
and needed the gloves for mixing glazes (not unlike mixing solutions in a
beauty salon!) and that I had a retail tax number. She agreed to give me
the card and sell me the gloves for $4.99. So if you have a Sally's in
your area or a beauty supply might give it a try!

Susan Wagener
Puffin Pottery
Bloomington, IN