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glaze calculation programs

updated wed 30 apr 97


David Hewitt on tue 8 apr 97

I was very interested to read of your use of spreadsheets for glaze
calculations. In my view they can be used very effectively for glaze
calculations and I have developed such for use with MS Excel, Lotus 123,
QuatroPro, Super Calc and MS Works. These are all, however, for use with
PC's using Windows not Apple Macintosh.
The MS Excel version is particularly good as it not only enables one to
you use drop down selection boxes and macros but also pop up notes. The
use of pop up notes means that on-screen help and information is
available not only for general instruction on usage, but also to give
such things as oxide limit data and raw material compositions. Another
advantage of any spreadsheet version is that all the formulae can be
accessed and hence, if you are interested, you can see exactly how the
calculation has been carried out. For the student this may be important
as a learning tool. Converting a recipe to a formula is easy in any
program, but the reverse of constructing a recipe from a formula may be
more difficult. I think the spreadsheet has many advantages in this,
particularly if based on MS Excel.
Further details may be seen on the URL below

In message , Robin & Lesley Blythe-Lord> writes
>----------------------------Original message----------------------------
>I have used adapted a spreadsheet for glaze calculation for some time now
>but feel that I might be re-inventing the wheel. In any case I want to
>make glazes, not computer programmes.
>What would anyone recommend in the way of Glaze Calculation software for
>the Macintosh. User friendly, powerful and informative. Not a beginners
>only programme. I am particularly interested in Crystal glazes so the
>programme must allow unbalanced recipies to proceed.
>Robin Blythe-Lord

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