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glaze book (tangent)

updated tue 30 sep 97


Patrick & Lynn Hilferty on mon 15 sep 97

From what I understand, Sanders was pretty much against raku at SJSU and
discouraged it whenever possible. The students used to wait until he left
and use the electric kilns to raku their work. When the kilns had reached
temperature, they would pop them open, dump the pots into buckets filled
with reduction materials, and run for the exits and outside so as not to
fill the building with smoke. This would go on until the early hours of the
morning. Sanders was an early riser and would come in at, say, 5:30ish to
throw and I know anecdotally of at least one instance where a student found
himself dashing from studio to studio, pushing a smoldering lidded bucket
around in a desperate effort to not get caught.


At 12:41 -0400 9/14/97, Rick Sherman wrote:

> This text was published by Watson-Guptill, NY, in 1974. ISBN
>0-8230-2134-3. It has been out of print but might be found by a good
>used book dealer. Sanders chapters on crystals, luster and copper
>reduction are valuable. He also has weaker chapters on woodash and
>undergalze decoration. His chapter on raku is not much. He didn't do
>any raku until he wrote the book. I believe the publisher pushed him
>to include the weaker chapters in order to promote the book.

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