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gil's position on salt

updated mon 31 mar 97


Monona Rossol on thu 27 mar 97

> I searched the "Ceramics Abstracts" database on CD-ROM which covers >
in ceramic engineering journals back to about 1974. There > is very little on
salt glazing, and the only article that specifically > mentions pollution is
in "Ceramics Monthly".

Wonderful stuff you found. You probably already did, but I just want to be
you also tried searching with the term "vapor" glazing which they sometimes

Please: Someone tell me if this makes it to Clayart. I have had at least 7
posts returned saying that the "recipient's mail box was full." Worse, the
messages I wrote were not returned with the notices of non-delivery. I can't
really go back into my Save files and try to figure out which made it and
which didn't.

Is anyone else having this problem?

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