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georgie's ceramic & clay co.

updated wed 31 jul 96


Vince Pitelka on tue 9 jul 96

I know that the issue of "advertising" on the list is a very touchy subject,
and it is easy to cross the line, but personally I am delighted to see our
commercial suppliers come on-line. I think it is a fine thing for them to let
us know what services they provide. As this list demonstrates, ceramics people
are very generous about sharing information and solutions, and I believe that
the commercial suppliers are no exception. They give expert information out
for free, when that information would cost money from ceramic consultants. In
many commercial situations, especially in industrial processes like
slip-casting, ram-pressing, etc., expert consultation for pay is usually well
worth the investment, but in so many studio situations the advice of the
technical staff at a good ceramic supplier is is as good as any paid consultant
can provide. And perhaps it goes without saying that any ceramic supplier
interested in gathering a faithfull clientele would always go out of their way
to provide the most accurate information, and when necessary would seek the
correct information elsewhere on behalf of their customers. Right?

- Vince
Vince Pitelka -
Appalachian Center for Crafts, Smithville TN