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george ohr and cezanne

updated mon 31 mar 97


Elca Branman on wed 5 mar 97

I'm not sure whether there is any way to persuade a person who dislikes
the taste that a well rotted blue cheese is a gastronomic delight..I feed
the Gorgonzola to those who love it, pity those who have not as yet
learned to love it...HOWEVER I certainly would think several times about
arguing the virtues of a visual flavor if the other person hasn.t gottn
I looked at Cezanne for years, not understanding what the fuss was
about, and feeling grossly inadequate but damned if I was going to fake
an asthetic orgasm, and then , I finally saw and appreciated and in
certain ways can hardly bear to look at Renoir whom I once loved because
it was so easil;y available.
I admire Ohr's dedication and bravery and sometimes do not like his
pots at all.

I really really like some of Voulkos' work and have seen stuff,
particularly some bronzes that I wouldn't give house room to, if they
were brought as a gift...
These opinions, after all , are opinions, not facts and while an
opinion can be defended with some facts, in the long run, it is still a
personal taste,a personal opinion, and even when ratified by art critics
and history , can still be subject to change., and more change and change
Taste and time change evaluations..
It is always dangerous to deify artists within their own life span..
It is never a mistake to try on a new vision for size...

Early morning pontifications courtesy of caffeine madness..3 mug fulls
this a.m.

Elca Branman,who is going to be in a giant pout because the rest of you
will be at NSECA and she won't .
Branman Potters elcab1@
in Stone Ridge ,N.Y.
in the Hudson Valley