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fwd: re: val cushing handbook

updated fri 28 feb 97


Dannon Rhudy on fri 7 feb 97

Date: Wed, 05 Feb 97 18:08:46 PST

Val Cushing is a long-time (forty years or so) teacher at Alfred
University, New York State College of Ceramics. The book is
a collection of information, hand-outs, ideas, notes, references,
etc. that he has used over the years for his classes in glaze
calculation, claybodies, throwing, - a little of everything.
There is a lot of REALLY helpful information in there for potters
at just about every level. There is a list of books that he
recommends, some suggestions (including little drawings) of
types of lids, various connections; there are glaze's
a handbook, is all. Just - a handbook. Most of my students have
gotten one; they cherish it.

Dannon Rhudy

........Ok, I've seen this book mentioned from time to time, but
consistently. Enough to know that maybe we all need it to clutter
our homes w/. But I would love it if someone more knowledgable
myself would please give a synopsis of this book. If frequency of
mention , or longevity of mention were to count on the y axis as
importance of book increases on the x axis, then I believe this
book would cover a fair surface area. ( As Mr Pritchard's treatise
on Poetry - from the Dead Poet's Society :) )

thanx, cp
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