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updated tue 31 dec 96


Dannon Rhudy on sun 29 dec 96

Date: Sat, 28 Dec 96 16:20:09 PST
To: Multiple recipients of list CLAYART
Subject: Re: Salt Kilns


I do frequent low-fire salt firings. I have not used an electric
kiln for the purpose, but don't see why not. You will be using
a lot of combustible materials in the firing; build a saggar
to contain the volatile substances. They cannot hurt your old
kiln walls, but I don't know the effect they might have on the
elements. Certainly, some. You don't say whether you have done
low fire salt firings and only want to know if it can be done
in an electric kiln (yes) or need additional information. I have
made the assumption here that you don't intend to use the kiln
for anything else.

Dannon Rhudy

Does anyone outhere do anything with Low fire salt
firings? I have an old elec. kiln I would like to use for
this end and any adivse would be greatly appreciated!