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fwd: re: building new kiln

updated tue 28 oct 97


Dannon Rhudy on mon 27 oct 97


We are building a new kiln here at the community college. We have
decided on a Minnesota Flat Top, and it is a community and class
project. MEL JACOBSON is coming to oversee the construction,
DOUG GRAY is coming to help, DAVID HENDLEY might show up, and there
are rumors of other Clay Art participation. Anyone who wants to
participate is welcome to come and lend a hand. Just let me know,
email me privately for directions and so on, so as not to clog the

We'll build it FRIDAY & SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 14 & 15. It should be
interesting and fun. Don't know of any flat-tops in Texas as yet
(though someone told me of one being built that was altered to have
an arched top - honest, that's what they said).


FRIDAY NOV. 14: Finish prep work and get everything
ready. Check the base for level AGAIN. Drink coffee/tea/milk
(well, school property). Hang out. Check the welds. Listen to
Mel's instructions. Drop a plum bob for center of stack. Consider
Doug's suggestions. Send David scavenging for needed parts. Wait
in the truck. Build a platform for Mel to sit on, so that he can
rest and be sure to have a good view of everyone else working. Go
to Swaim's hardware to get STUFF. Swaim's a-been there a good long
time, have pert near ever'thang. Have a good dinner. Laugh. Tell
stories. Laugh.

SATURDAY NOV. 15: Do it.

So, if you want to show up for either/both day(s), more than
welcome. Students are welcome, too; there will be some from one of
the local high schools, and some from the college; might be some
from surrounding area - never know til the time comes.

If we have enough leftovers, will build something extra...

On the Monday night following, Mel will do a
throwing-and-whatever-he-wants demo/workshop/whatever,
from 6-9 p.m. Probably have to use a Shimpo, so he might be
crabby. But I expect it will be worthwhile, anyway. Y'all come.

Dannon Rhudy

Paris, Texas