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fw: wadding and water music

updated tue 30 sep 97


The Slack-DeBrock Family on fri 19 sep 97

> From: The Slack-DeBrock Family
> To:
> Subject: wadding and water music
> Date: Saturday, September 13, 1997 7:48 PM
> Lyn, I have several recipes for wadding material you might want to
> consider.
> Jack Troy suggested a mixture of fireclay and wheat bran- makes the kiln
> smell like baking bread! Mix it thoroughly and use on posts and shelves.
> Fred Olsen had us use APGreen and sand or grog .
> For the pots in my wood kiln I use a mixture of 3 parts alumina, 3 parts
> EPK, and 1 part grog or silica sand, which is also given to me by Fred
> Olsen. By the way, do not spit on the alumina wadding when placing it on
> your pots! I mix it pasty and it sticks just fine- the alumina is not
> to ingest.
> On another topic, I am trying to find information on a vague recollection
> have that water can be encouraged to create different tones by how it
> and where it lands. I want to create water sculptures that incorporate
> use of "tonal water" but have no idea where to find more information.
> tried some books on Japanese gardens, but with no luck. Does anyone have
> clue? thanks
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