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fund raising $$$

updated fri 24 oct 97


douglas gray on sat 4 oct 97

Have a topic for about all of us. Fund Raising.

I attended a grant wrtitting workshop yesterday, the third one I've gone to
thinking maybe this time I'll get some information that will really help. As I
looked around the room I first thought to myself so these are the money grabbers
on campus, the real go getters. Within seconds, I changed my attitude
completely. This group of people, my self include, represented the acedemic
poor. No one at the workshop had enough money to do what they wanted and needed
to do to build their programs. Furthermore, we all realized that the money we
needed wouldn't be found on campus & not from existing budgets.

What I would like to ask of the group is to share fundraising events, plans,
stategies that have worked for you. Please respond publicly on the clay art
forum. I think we all could use some fresh ideas about raising money, whether
you are a teacher needed a new kiln (or a teacher trying to save a school from
closing), a student needing money to go to NCECA, a professional artist making a
living, a gallery owner trying to make ends meet, a hobbiest wanting to get more
invloved in the local art scene.

NEA won't always be there, can't depend on the government to fund the arts. So
where does the money come from? How do we as artist (the general collective)
learn to support ourselves when the public/polictical sector won't?

Please share your creative/lucrative solutions so we can all benefit. There is
no idea too small to be of help. When you are broke even those pennies count.



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Douglas E. Gray
Assistant Professor of Art, Ceramics
Francis Marion Univeristy
Florence, South Carolina 29501