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functionalist theory: the movie

updated sun 30 jun 96


Cynthia Hull on sat 29 jun 96

In the course of obtaining my degree I attended several different colleges
the last of which had a very academically oriented art department that
insisted the students talk about and verbally defend their work and why they
made it. After about a year of this hellish torment it got to where I
litterally stopped making art (my own undefinable definition) and began
making things that fit verbage. Quite a interesting experience, learning
how not to make art (again-my own eye of the beholder definition) which had
always flowed so naturally. This is not to say that art that originates to
fit text or concept is not art but to attempt to illustrate how not only the
motivation drastically alters the outcome of the object but also the
hemisphere of the brain from which it springs. Years of therapy later I am
very happy making art again, function being perhaps the manifestation of the
sanity of chaos theory... perhaps not.....

TX, where at 100 degrees plus we raku and swim, raku and swim.....