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foot controls on wheels, packing standards

updated fri 28 feb 97


Harvey Sadow on sun 23 feb 97

sam wainford wrote:
> ----------------------------Original message----------------------------
Just returned from 8 days in New York and D.C., and have just finished
with the 678 messages that I downloaded. Really !!! There sure were a
lot of opinions about relatively few things. Here are a couple of
extras which I hope are useful.
On the subject of Creative Industries foot pedals. I am still throwing
on one of the original ones, from the second run of 25 built (to be
exact), circa 1973-4. It is a powerful, well built tool that I have
nothing but admiration for, with a gear driven 1 1/4 horsepower motor
that just won't stop or even whimper. The only weak link was the
original foot pedal. The control was a small slide glued onto the
inside of the pedal box. It is tricky to get the box apart, but you can
do it, and then glue the slider back in place. When the pedal does give
up the ghost, C. I. will provide a much improved replacement for a very
reasonable price. Mine is smoother and more adjustable than the old
one, and I look forward to the next twenty + years of using it. If
anyone out there has an old one that they would like to sell, let me
know. It is without doubt the best tool purchase I have ever made.
On the subject of UPS and scams. Nothing was out of the ordinary in
that story except the expectations. As far as UPS is concerned, they
have clear and specific packing standards for ceramics, and will tell
you if you ask. Pack to their standards and they pay their claims
without much complaint, but they will be sure that you are on the level.
Given the state of morals these days, who can blame them. Just imagine
how many times they must have faced bogus claims. Pack to their
standards and the chances of breakage are truly minimal. I make really
fragile and vulnerable work, and ship almost every piece via UPS with
almost 100% success since the early 1970's. Only two claims, two
relatively prompt payments.
Harvey Sadow