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foodsafe glaze correction

updated sat 31 may 97


Lynn Barth on fri 16 may 97

In my ongoing quest and learning about foodsafe C6 ox. glazes I
have found that some of the glazes I posted last Dec. are possibly
not so safe. One, Daly Base Glaze with cc has been found to be
oversupplied withCaO. This could cause the copper to
leach. I don't know if the Soft Green w/ Pink Flecks is balanced
or not, it has not been put through Insight glaze software, that one
also has cc in it.

I decided to take a look at these glazes that used non-toxic
materials to see if they were also balanced glazes. I wasn't aware of
the possibility of glazes being balanced or unbalanced initially.
When I found out about it I decided it would probably
be best for these glazes to be balanced and have safe ingredients.

I am working with Ron Roy. He is running some of these
through Insight and reformulating certain ones for me. I cannot
have him put them all through Insight, but I will pass on any
reformulated glazes to anyone who is interested.

There are two that I will be testing in the next couple of weeks.
And then possibly a few more.

Lynn Barth
Cherry Valley Pottery